Important tips before selling a used car

If you intend to sell your used car, there are several tips that you should consider in order to get the best possible price. In this article, we present you some tips that may help you prepare your car before you announce it for sale, to make you able to sell it at the best price and as soon as possible.

What should you do before performing selling your used car??

Make sure to clean the car inside and outside perfectly: a clean car not only tempts the buyer, but also indicates that the owner was taking care of it. The cleanliness of your car can make the sale a successful and quick operation and in best possible way.

Dirt and pollutants are harsh on the paint, and the car must be well washed avoiding scratching the paint. Clean your entire car, inside and outside taking care of the roof and the bottom, using car shampoo and sponge to ensure that any speck of dirt or dust is removed, It is also advisable that you should polish the car using Car-Wax (polish), which will make it completely look new, to concentrate on cleaning the car from the inside is even more  important as some small details may carry a speck of dust in them, and do not forget to install the missing items such as the “stereo” recording device and if there is any missing handles inside the car cabin. If the interior of the car is furnished with leather, it is preferable to use special cleaning materials to remove the accumulated layers of dirt using brushes to restore the original color of the real leather. It is also preferable to use scented materials in the interior to make the car look more attractive, while cleaning the trunk and spare tire, do not forget that this process is very important, so it is preferable to get done by professionals to ensure that it is in the best possible appearance before presenting it to potential buyers.

Repair of the external defects                      

Make sure to repair visible defects on the car body, such as damaged or broken door handles, or broken windscreen-wipers, and make sure to repair minor scratches in the paint, and do the body-plumbing and paint you need, and pay attention to all lights and lamps and make sure that they are in excellent condition.

Trust that these things do not cost much, but they indicate to the buyer that how careful the owner of this car was using it, which means that it is in good codition.

Evaluate the mechanical condition of the vehicle:

May be most, if not, all byers tend to open the hood of the car, even if, he understands what is inside or not, so, you must make sure to check and evaluate the mechanical condition of the car and fix its malfunctions, if any, before presenting it for sale.

You must carry out a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of your car, to complete the basic oil checks, “The car oil must be clean and not deficient,” and make sure that the battery is in good condition, the windshield rain-wiper, the car brakes, and the water in the radiator is at the right level. The coolant used should be a designated liquid and not tap water. And always remember to check the tires and replace the damaged or punctured ones. It is preferable to check your car at an inspection and maintenance center, however if you want to sell it as it is in its current condition, you must tell the buyer about it defects. And do not forget that you have to pay attention to the defects of the car and you have to balance the cost and effort of repairing these defects with its selling price, and accordingly you may try to repair the possible defects, which will not cost you a lot of money and effort, alternatively you may ignore those defects that will cost you a lot of money to repair, this will also help you sell the car with the least possible losses.

How to sell your car in a convenient and safe way:

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