Purchase Contract

*If you agreed to our assessment, you shall sign the contract provided in offers area. This agreement include terms and conditions only. If you are not okay with the displayed price, you have all freedom to reject the offer.

*As soon as you sign the contract, you are not allowed to step back or undo, because it is a legal obligatory agreement.

* We are not allowed to change the price just because of an expert’s assessment. However, we have the right to omit any provided offer if the car turned out to have extra brake-downs not noticed early in the check phase.

 *If we found out that the information has been hided from us on purpose, we will keep the right to omit the offer.

Payment Pattern

You can select the payment pattern that suites you the best. Our most preferable payment pattern is cash payment, but we can also provide cheque payment and bank transfer from our account directly to the owner’s. Putting into your consideration that it might take up to 48 hours for any UAE bank to transfer money, and a slightly longer time for international banks. Although bank transfers usually take few hours to arrive to your account, but we will not be responsible if your payment got delayed because of the bank procedures.