How to Scrap A Car in Abu Dhabi


It’s difficult to talk about auto scrapping and scrap yards in the UAE without discussing the infamous Dubai scrapyards. This is a place flooded with exotic automobiles that have been abandoned by individuals who fled the country because of debt. If this is your first time receiving this information, then Supercar Blondie’s coverage of the incident will tickle your fancy. Okay, and now to your question: How to scrap a car in Abu Dhabi? Here’s everything you need to know.

A little history about car scrapping in Abu Dhabi

When an automobile was totaled in Abu Dhabi not so long ago, it used to be stressful for the owner of the vehicle. That is because said automobile owner would have to pay money in order to be released from his damaged vehicle. Those times are now gone. Today, when your vehicle has reached its breaking point or has been in an unfortunate accident, scrapping it is a profitable choice. 

How to Scrap A Car in Abu Dhabi

Generally speaking, Abu Dhabi offers a few options for car scrapping. Moving your scrap car from junkyard to junkyard in the hope that someone will connect you with the person in charge is the first and most ridiculous choice. The second choice is to rely on a specialist car scrap buyer


How to scrap a car in Abu Dhabi by trying to sell it to a junkyard

First and foremost, it’s crucial to remember that if you want to jump from one junkyard to another, you’ll need to pay a car tower to move your automobile. This is expensive on its own and makes selling an already undervalued scrap car unfeasible. The odds are that, if you do manage to speak with the procurement manager in a junkyard, they will make you an absurd offer. That is because to them, it is clear that you do not have the upperhand. Your sweating face after being in the sun for hours, and the tow car driver who curiously follows your every move speak louder than words. When investigating this car scrapping option, exercise extreme caution.


How to scrap a car in Abu Dhabi by selling it to a scrap car buying specialist

When it comes to scrapping your vehicle in Abu Dhabi, scrap car buyers are the finest choice, despite being uncommon. Not just because there aren’t many other alternatives, but also because this is where you’ll probably receive the best deal for your car. As a part of their bigger car trading and repair businesses, scrap car purchasing experts typically develop as a part of a broader car company network. As such, they recycle auto components, restore vehicles, and effectively use every gear and spring in your scrap car. This is why you can anticipate a much higher offer from a scrap car buying specialist.


It is important to note that with junkyards your vehicle is seen as a hunk of metal, and has value based on its metal weight. With a scrap car buying specialist however, every function part of your vehicle will bring your vehicle’s price up.


How to scrap a car in Abu Dhabi by selling it to ScrapxCar the leading car scrap buyer in the UAE

ScrapxCar loves old cars. We see gold in what most people would consider garbage. There isn’t a better place for you to part ways with your trusty ol’ wagon. We appreciate old cars kind of like how a vintage car collector would. Let your car go with it’s dignity intact. Sell your old vehicle to ScrapxCar.


Our process is simple and straightforward:


  1. First you register your interest in having your car scrap bought by entering your details on our website or calling us on: +971 50 366 8580.
  2. After that our team will call you to schedule a free car inspection (at your convenience) wherever your car may be inside the territories of the UAE.
  3. Once our experts arrive at your site and evaluate your car they will produce an offer for you. If you like it, then sign the papers, we will give you the cash, and tow your car away free of charge.
  4. If you don’t like the offer, then no problem. We will thank you for your time and we hope to be doing business with you again in the future. If you need more time to think about the offer then we give you the space to do so.


Our process only takes 20 minutes and is set up in a way where you will have to do nothing but sign some papers and we will do all the heavy lifting.


With ScrapxCar, selling your scrap car in Dubai has never been easier.


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