The following are the terms and conditions to understand how to use the website:-

Manual inspection in sites

Our experts will physically inspect the car when you bring it to our site. The offered price after the inspection will be the final price, considering the care history, condition and features.

If your car turned out to be unusable, highly damaged or does not meet the area’s specifications, we are not obliged to upload your offer or such a case the price that we will actually provide would be less than the online assessment uploaded on our website.

Privacy policies:-

Thank you for your concern about using ScrapXCar. In our main system we deeply respect our user’s privacy the moment they start using our website, application, products and other online services. By using ScrapXCar website, you agree to use your general and personal information according to this privacy notice.

ScrapXCar is obliged to protect your privacy. You will be asked to submit some information for assigning you an appointment date at your choice. We will not expose your personal information for any unauthorized person; even thought this information might be exposed to business partners, agents, sellers and other authorized people that we work with. We keep the right of making changes on this page policies. You can refer to this page to figure out any changes that might take place.

We use HTTP cookies to collect all behavioral patterns of the website visitor. This helps us to analyze traffic inflow movement on the website. Which allow us to identify useful web pages and enhancing the website functions in respond to the visitor’s behavioural needs. HTTP cookie does not provide us any access to your computer or any other extra personal information, except the information that you share on our website.

This privacy notice will be applied upon information collected through ScrapXCar platform, and does not describe the collection, usage and exposure practices related to any subsidiary company or a third party.

In order to receive information about the collection, usage and exposure practices about any company you work with, whether it is a subsidiary to ScrapXCar or not, you have to refer back to its privacy policies.

The services ScrapXCar offer do not target minors. If your age is less than 18 years old, you should not provide us with any personal information because we are not authorized to receive.

This privacy notice cover the following points:

The information that we collect as a platform

 Advertisers, sponsors and partners get information from ScrapXCar

Information that you provide

We might collect information that you choose to provide on ScrapXCar website using various ways:

This information might include your name, address, car type, phone number, email, as well as credit information; putting information under our control during through social media sessions, like Facebook or Twitter; expressing interest in selling crashed or scrap cars; providing payment card’s information for one of our services; providing feedback. Contribute in questionnaires, give-away or any other promotional offers.

Automatic information

This information about using ScrapXCar platform, which can be collected and or gathered by using automatic techniques.

This is about: your IP address, web browser and operating system that you use. Moreover time and date at which you visited ScrapXCar web site and the pages you visited inside the platform. In addition to whether you ours linked to or from any other web address, internet provider or mobile service operator plus any device type used to access the main system.

Website information

When you start using ScrapXCar site, we might collect actual site information that may be critical enough to allow us to define any person location or specific device (we call this site information). We receive information that we gather the site information of when we are about to visit one of our distributers or near him.

We only collect information under your permission (this is clarified when you agree to provide information after you enter ScrapXCar wesite). We might use the site information to support you with a third party content and services related to a specific site, whether this is done through an advertisement , search result or distributors in an area or address.

Information collection from other sources

As owners of the basic system, we can merge the information you provide with the ones we receive from our subsidiary companies and other sources, along with automatic information collected. Collected information might include sites you use, devices and mobile applications, subsidiary companies information and other undefined sources.

Ways of using collected information

Our platform might use information you provide for the following purposes:-

For Daily Work Purposes:

-Creating new customer account and managing it, providing products and services that require payment (collection and processing), customer support.

 -Providing monetary values and offers for scrap cars that you would like to sell or even purchase.

-To contact and manage your contribution in personal events, surveys, programs, contests or probable give-away.

-To be given permission to interact with ScrapXCar, our users, distributors and others via different methods, whether through social media networks or blogs.

Assessing our business and developing it:

This include developing new products and services, in addition to analysing products, website and application’s efficiency.  

To be able to diagnose your technical and service problems:

– For being able to analyse data, this includes market researches, consumers, analysing directions and demographics and financial analysis. This supports providing content (such as advertisements) related to your interests, search history and usage, inside ScrapXCar website or any other web.

To convey to legal requirements used and our policies

Contact you via phone, send SMS or chat if you needed help or you wanted to deliver something about the car under negotiation.

Information which we share:

ScrapXCar does not sell or share information that is collected or received about you, except what is stated under here:

With our service providers:

We can rent the services of third parties provided through or about ScrapXCar platform on our behalf. As soon as you know that, we require those service providers to deal with your information as secret ones and use it only to conduct the service specified by us in a way that matches this privacy notice.

Promotional offers with mutual sponsorship

In case you contributed in a survey, competition or a give-away co-sponsored by ScrapXCar and a third party, we can share this information collected along with personal information with third parties.

Credit applications

In case you requested a credit on ScrapXCar website, distributers or third parties, it will be necessary to provide the personal information which will be used to complete the request, including your address credit information, date and information about their work, and other financial information.


We can access or reveal general and personal information to:

1. Protect or defend our interest, legal rights of ScrapXCar and subsidiary companies properties.

2. protect ScrapXCar customers rights, safety and general people interests.

3. Protect from fraud.

Your choices:

  • You have the right to make certain decisions about how we contact you and the type of information you provide, there are few examples:
  • You can choose not to provide any personal information even though this may affect your sign in ability to enjoy and use our services.
  • If you do not want to receive advertisements which depend on the interests the page depend on then you can choose not to share.
  • Most web browsers accept IP addresses automatically but you can get notified by this and change you browser’s format to reject IP addresses, if you prefer such a thing.


ScrapXCar platform might contain links to electronic websites that we do not operate, user elements and external application sources might work side by side together. Once you leave ScrapXCar website its suggested to refer back to privacy policies of each contributing website. We are not responsible of the content, use and privacy policies practices of any other website, except ScrapXCar.

Information security:

We might use managerial, technical, financial and security arrangements that are commercially acceptable designed to product your private information in our behalf against any kind of lost, theft and unauthorized use, edit exposure and exposure. Putting into consideration that we can’t guarantee network’s perfect security, servers or data bases that work instead of us.



The same data from information security is repeated in here

Privacy notice updates:

As owner and the main responsible people of ScrapXCar platform, we are allowed to update this privacy notice to provide any type of clarification or notification related to our practices and policies.

Notes and inquiries:

Any notes/ inquiries, can be sent to before assigning a date. We would ask you to read terms and conditions stated above carefully. Stated terms and conditions comply to UAE laws, jurisdictions and are interpreted in their accordance.

How to contact us:

If you have any question or comment about this privacy policy or you would like to update the information you provided to us, you can contact us via phone numbers: 35631 & 0503668580.